Sadly Sheilagh’s condition has deteriorated significantly. She has been moved to a hospice in the anticipation of the end of her life. She is surrounded by her family and friends who are giving her love and joy.

Sheilagh has appreciated your love and discretion in how you have respected and protected her space over this year past. She hopes that you will keep up your good work by continuing to respect her and her daughters’ space and privacy. She has spoken warmly of all of you and loves you for this. Your love and support have meant everything to her and she is and remains grateful.

Please do not leave flowers or other objects by the house or on the lawn. If you wish to write a letter or a card – there is white bench on the porch where you can leave them. Sheilagh and her girls would love to read about your love and your experiences with Sheilagh. A donation to the Anglican Parish of Lloydtown would not go amiss either.

If you wish to celebrate Sheilagh in a way she would like: as you drive by the house honk your horn or, if you are on a motorbike, race your engine a bit (Not too late at night – please!). She loves these signs of support.

Bernie Monette (Sheilagh’s brother)

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