Sheilagh Ashworth, October 24th 1969 – June 28 2020.

Sheilagh passed away this morning. She was surrounded by her daughters and sister who were there to give her love and joy and to wish her well.

The family will be having a private ceremony for her funeral. A public celebration of Sheilagh’s life will be held when permitted.

In the meantime, if you wish to celebrate Sheilagh’s life: grab your loved one, and a cooler and head off to your favourite lake. Have something to drink and to eat, Go for a swim or maybe a paddle. Make a little love. Sheilagh will bless you!

The family would like to thank you for your love and support during this time. It has been a difficult year for Sheilagh and you have made all the difference: giving Sheilagh life, hope, and love when she needed it the most.



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  1. I was out paddling on Lake Huron under a bright summer sun and riding the waves of the big lake swell …when Sheilagh died, though I only realized that later in the day. Too soon Sheils. God, you were amazing on planet earth. So many more adventures left to have. There’s a permanent hole in my heart. Paddle well my friend. Love you always.

  2. I am truly devastated to hear of Sheilagh’s death. We worked together at Daybreak in the library. She was a loving caring woman who showed compassion and care in every interaction. Many years later we connected on Facebook and I was thrilled to hear where life had taken her, especially the love and devotion she spoke of about her daughters. I am so sorry for them that they will not have her standing by her side as they grow into women, but I know that they were truly gifted to have a mother like Sheilagh. I have lit my candles in her hounor since I heard of her death. She will never be forgotten.

  3. My husband, Rev Kirby Breithaupt and I first met Sheilagh when our daughter and son in law first moved to Schomberg 3 yrs. ago. We could only attend the Anglican church in Schomberg when my husband had a Sunday “off” from leading worship and we would be visiting our children. Loved this precious woman from the 1st moment we heard her speak! What an incredible human being! Loved the Lord….served Him so faithfully……..made the Bible come alive. Related the Word of God to our everyday lives in amazing ways, and always told and showed the powerful love of God, to congregation members, in creative ways. Loved her wonderful laugh and sense of humour. One of those incredible human beings, who after meeting for only a short time, you feel you’ve known your whole life. She was so exceptional. Deep, but fun loving. Humble. Could readily laugh at herself. Just one in a million. Would always look forward to our time in Schomberg…..and would say to our daughter….[We have to make it to worship , Sunday ,at the Anglican church……] We grieve with the family….such an immense loss to all, to this world. She was such a light in this dark world. We have to keep that light shining…..She would certainly want us to. So deeply sorry for your loss……..God bless you. Love in Christ, Leslie Breithaupt

  4. Ugh. It’s how my heart feels. I’m so grateful to know her and for our recent visit. I’m very sad for your loss.

    Til I see you again.

  5. I wish that I had known Sheilagh, but knowing you Judy, I think I have an idea. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you at this time, Sheilagh is not in pain, and will be taken care of with our Lord. Judy and Goran

  6. Sheils,
    Not sure if I can put into words what I am feeling. Have missed our friendship these past few years. Have missed your warm advice. Am sad I am so far away, and could not get to see you. Your laughter and our work together are still precious to me.
    Will have sunflowers for you…

  7. I was so very sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved Mum, sister, daughter, friend – Shelagh was such a beautiful person and will be missed by so many. She touched our family personally through the illnesses and deaths of both of our parents. She was wonderful with mum and dad, as well as us – dad flirted with her, always telling her how beautiful her hair was and those fabulous eyes!! She loved her calling, that was so obvious -she has left an imprint on all of us ❤️
    Shelagh, a message from my dad – YNWA
    May our dear Lord wrap his arms around you and guide you through this difficult time.

  8. Madeleine and Sarah, it is with love and sadness that we send this message of condolence to you and your extended family. Your mom was a guiding light in Schomberg, with the church and with all of the people she touched in her time here. She will truly be missed! My kids loved Church Camp because of all of you! We also took part in many church events because of your mom, when we didn’t even attend church.

    Her influence on the lives of the youth in town will never be forgotten. I wish all of my boys were old enough to be guided by her wisdom.

    Sending you heartfelt blessings for your years to come. We do look forward to seeing you around town still. Wishing you the best always and we are so sorry for the loss of your mom. Thank you for sharing her with us.

    Love, The Watt family (Jennifer, Jason Andrew, Nathan & Nohlan)

  9. Dear Sara and Madeline
    I am so sorry to hear that your wonderful Mom has died. I want you to know that while this is so unfair and just shouldn’t have happened, it will get easier for you with time. She was one inspiring lady . I saw her in you both . Give yourself time and gentle comfort as you move through this. Keep planning for your bright futures. It will be difficult at times but hopefully you can keep joy in her memory.
    I am so sorry that you have to experience this way too soon. Sending love ,
    Ms Andrea Nolan

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