I’m Back!

Hello everyone!

It’s been a few months since I last wrote. Since my hip surgery in November, the last eight months have been hectic and painful. It felt like every two weeks there was a new challenge, such as C. difficile, the Covid outbreak, confusion as to where the source of my pain was, and the discovery of more cancer in my knee and femur. Halfway through April, the femur in my right leg broke, and it took three weeks before the hospital was able to admit me and preform a femur replacement. Because of the pandemic, I spent 18 days in a room all alone in the hospital. One of the films I watched repeatedly is called the Dawn Wall. The Dawn Wall is the biggest outcropping in Yosemite Park and is considered to be an impossible climb. The film is based on two men who climb it an have to focus with all they have to make incredible moves up the wall. I love to watch their focus and determination. In a way, I feel as though I’m climbing my own Dawn Wall.

I would like to thank my friends and family for waiting patiently for news from me. Healing is my primary focus and is taking up all of my concentration.

Today was fantastic; I’m back on chemo as of Thursday of this past week and am recovering very well from surgery. Today, I was able to walk from my room to the kitchen and back three times (I’m training for the Schomberg Country Run, always the last Saturday of September:) ). My sister Genny and her husband Mike have been incredible in their dedication to me. Gen cares for me full time and always graciously, without complaint – she’s a saint. Sarah and Madeleine are struggling through it,  with more witness than I would ever wish. I don’t know which is worse, being the one suffering, or watching the ones you love watch you suffer. For me, this is about our faith, love, and hope. Spirituality has been incredibly enlightening; there’s so much support, and love, and healing just waiting for us. There have been some very cool spiritual experiences for me in this time, and I can’t wait to write about them and share them with you here.

My vanity has taken a bit of a hit, but that’s good. I’ll send pictures when I’m stronger; I’ve got some new muscles growing that I’ll flex for ya later. I miss going to church and I miss my people, the people of my parish are amazing, and it’s been nothing but love and graciousness from you all. Thank you for not getting bored in your prayers for me, I need them lots everyday – we must carry hope together.


Sheilagh +

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  1. Sheilagh, thanks for the update, you and the girls are in my thoughts and prayers always. You are one strong lady and your faith has certainly been a big part of this thing called life. It’s funny how it changes and we learn to adjust to this new way of living. I learnt that very quickly when Tony was sick but I strongly believe where there is life there is always hope. That’s what got me through everything.
    I have been self isolated since March 15 because of my age – hit the big 80 this year – and my asthma. I have ventured out for a couple of curb side pickups but that’s all. The boys pick up whatever I need. Doug works in town and Dan has moved his law practice to Schomberg as of last October, so they are both close. I count my blessings every day that I didn’t sell and move, just being able to walk outside is so good. I hope you will soon be able to sit out front in your garden and enjoy the nice weather.
    Sheilagh, just know that we miss you and look forward to the time when we can all get together, or even wave at each other from the other side of the road. “self distancing”
    I am sending a “big giant HUG” your way and hope you catch it. ?
    Love, Norma

  2. Dear Sheilagh, I must say you are a real trooper. I do not think that I would have the strength that you have to keep going on the way that you do. I cannot wait to hear about your spiritual experiences that you have been having. I hope and pray that you will be recovering uphill from now on. I’m glad to hear you have alot of help from your sister and daughters.

    Get Well Real Soon Love Carol.

  3. So good to see your update!
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you constantly.
    We know the compassion and care level that you have always displayed for everyone in your path.
    May you feel the love and prayers of all of us!
    May the Lord bless you and grant you all you stand in need of.
    And the girls as well!❤️?

  4. Sheilagh!
    You’ve been through it kid! What a fighter. You certainly know who “holds you in the palm of His hands”. Well done and way to go, girl!
    Can’t wait to read all about your spiritual journey some day.

    Love and prayers always.

  5. Thank you for your marvellous words. Thank God for your marvellous Spirit. Thank you for your fight. I do pray for you and miss you badly. I could not wait for the time when you come back to our Church, and all things on Earth come back to normal. Love. Alite.

  6. So nice to hear from you again! You have gone through so many challenges, but you sound so upbeat and it my heart lifted reading this.
    Stay strong and we look forward to following your progress. You must be so happy to be out of the isolation of the hospital and amongst family.

  7. You are awesome and I love how pragmatic you how always are, not all theoretical or pseudo-anything, just awesome and wonderful and real.

  8. Sheilagh, it is good to know that you are back and receiving the loving support of family, friends and your church community. You and your family are upheld in prayer daily by me . I hope that I would be able to speak with you directly soon. Blessings, +Peter

  9. Glad to hear you are healing well and moving forward with positivity…..as always! You are definitely one of the strongest humans I know….you and the girls are in my thoughts often , can’t wait to see you on day soon. ? Allyson

  10. Sheilagh,
    It brought a smile of joy to me seeing that your back ! It takes a lot of strength to manage even writing an update with the many challenges that you are and have been facing.
    You, Madeleine and Sarah continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. It is definitely a difficult struggle being the one suffering and watching the ones you love watch you struggle. I’m so glad that you have the help of your sister and her husband and the loving support of your friends, family and community.

    My daughter, Molly, gave birth to my grand daughter back in Jan 2017 and her name is Madeleine 🙂 Such a beautiful name .?

    We continue to carry hope and love for you Sheilagh.
    ? Peggy & Milford

  11. Dear Sheilagh,

    So good to have an update from you! You are so close in our hearts – each day we pray for you, Madeleine and Sarah. What a journey you are all on together with your beautiful sister and other support people!

    Reading your post reminded me of a favourite quote from the contemplative teacher, James Finley: “Love protects us from nothing, even as it unexplainably sustains us in all things.”

    May this Love continue to sustain you and keep you in the fullness of life, Sheilagh!

    Much love, Wendy and Karl

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