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Greetings, friends of Sheilagh. Christi Dye here, long time friend. I first met Sheilagh in 1995, in the kitchen of the New House at Daybreak. I fell in love with her right there, and we have been dear friends ever since, through many phases of life. As part of Sheilagh’s circle of support, one of my jobs is to update her webpage, which I am glad to do.

Sheilagh continues to move forward profoundly strong in her spirit, deep in her insight and spiritual journey, and, as she says “in a river of love.” Thank you for being part of that river

At the end of November, Sheilagh officially became a bionic woman! She had a hip replacement, and my own favorite part of that story is that when she met the orthopedic surgeon, awed at his methodology, she said “You mean to tell me that you put a saw into people’s bodies??!! That’s amazing! That deserves a high five! So HIGH FIVE!” And high five-d the guy! In the midst of all she is going through, she continues to find delight and connection and humor.
She has recovered from the replacement and has had radiation on the hip and her knees for metastases in those places, though the hip replacement removed most of the affected hip. The great news is that during that process–several weeks–she had to discontinue chemo, and the tumors in her torso did not grow! So while there have been new challenges with further metastases, Sheilagh and all of us, continue to give thanks for each piece of good news. The plan now is to resume chemo mid-Jan, after the radiation gets out of her system.

Her siblings are providing immense support–thank you, large Catholic families!!–on every front. Each one (of the six) is doing the part that he/she can do best. Though each one is playing a special role, notable is her “womb-mate,” her twin, Genny, who stays with her after every chemo…and…and…and…. they are….simply….together…. Their personalities are quite the study in contrasts, which makes it all the more beautiful–and hilarious–to be around them.

It’s amazing how love calls us to rise to more than we could have known we were even capable of….

This is an arduous journey. Every day, Sheilagh endures much in body and spirit. And she continues to laugh, to engage her path with courage and strength and hope, to love those dearest to her, to mother two extraordinary young women with gentleness and grace, and to encounter the very real presence of God in ways that are tangible and transforming. While much of this is grace, it is also the very fruit of who she is—her strength, her openness, her persistence in choosing the path of life and love.

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  1. Christi, Thank you for the update via Sheilagh. She will remain in my prayers and thoughts as will Madeline and Sarah and Sheilagh’s family. Such good news regarding the hip and the high five.
    I am just about 12km down the road if there is anything I can physically help with. Love to you all. Sally

  2. Thank you for the update. Sheilagh continuous to be marvellous and we are all here for her.

  3. Beautifully written, Sheilagh is so blessed to have such a wonderful support system and amazing family. Can’t wait for the warmer weather ….her garden fairies are eager to get their hands dirty again!
    ❤️ Allyson

  4. We think about you and pray for you each day Sheilagh. Sending you our positive healing energy, light, hope and oodles of love. God bless you all ? And so super cool you are now a bionic woman!! ?
    With love, the Greco’s

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