Update on Sheil.

Three Cheers For Low Humidity!

Three Cheers for the end of the heat wave!

But Most Importantly Three Cheers for You!

So many people came together to help me when I asked for an air conditioner for the rectory – thank you!                    Hip! Hip! Hurray!

Let me tell you how I am doing. I am well, all together. Everything is healing surprisingly well.  It has been 6 weeks since the knee and femur replacement so I will return to the fracture clinic this coming week for review. I soooo look forward to getting my legs back! It’s coming and I am trusting the healing process. (Apart from the exit door, the fracture clinic is my favourite place in the hospital)

I had a very difficult time when they put me on anti-depressants.  It was as if someone had taken over my body and ransacked my mind. During that time I lost a lot of weight and now I am putting it back on.  I eat like a baby so that my digestion system can heal – broth and high protein smoothies for me!  I am appropriately depressed at times because I am ill but I am not depressed.  I know that because of my behaviour – I am well most of most days, I dream of my future and I am highly motivated.  If I was depressed I would take the drugs.  I will get a prn for anxiety for sure.  I am learning a lot about anxiety and there isn’t much to like but I  am growing in compassion.

I am still swimming in that river of love.

My support system is excellent.  I know I am unusually blessed with family and friends and my community.  I love it here and belong here.  Such a gift, eh?

I am putting my motorbike up for sale.  It was so much fun but I don’t want any chance of injury again and I’ll use the money for homeopathic treatment when the time comes.

The service today is at 10:30 🙂

I love you,