2nd Chemo

How’s Sheilagh?

Sheilagh is sleepy.

The events around the second round were less dramatic than the first go, thankfully! I’ll give you a more fulsome post soon, but for now, know that I am as well as can be given the circumstances and I thank you for your love, prayers and support.  The feasting week begins tomorrow.

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  1. Dearest Sheilagh, yes, I admit I had to laugh reading your posts as well, thankful that I’ve gotten to know you over the last two years, the incredible person you are, your unique sense of humour, your love for your flock and all mankind which flows out of your love for Jesus!
    Jack and I are thinking of you continually and holding you fast in our prayers before our Mighty God and Healer.
    Love you lots…..

  2. Hi Sheilagh,
    I have sent a number of notes in support, but have no idea if any have reached you. Perhaps Carol can let me know…
    As you know, I have successfully been through chemo and treatment. If chatting about dealing with all this may be helpful, please let me know. 905-959-6962. Much love and many prayers!

  3. Hello dear Sheilagh,
    Hope you have had a good appetite and a full delicious table for your feast week!
    Had a good visit with the McNally’s, and they are faithfully adding to our prayers at St. Philip’s, their prayers for you and your family. Jean W says hello!
    May the Lord’s healing grace continue to enfold you.

  4. Hello Sheilagh:
    Mo and Freda here! We have just come back from Christ Church, Kettleby . As you know we were celebrating the life and witness of dear Simon Alletson whom we knew from our years at Emmanuel Richvale. We missed you ! You will be in our prayers and thoughts in the days ahead. I am not sure you knew that Freda had chemo away back in the early 70’s!! Let that give you extra hope in medical support on top of God’s healing power !! Bless you.
    Mo & Freda July 27.

  5. Reverend Sheilagh
    The prayer list for your recovery is long and strong with your Monday Night Miracles!
    Love & Hugs Wayne

  6. Hi Sheilagh,
    Continue to think about you and remember you in my prayers. Was thinking about dad this morning and your smiley face popped into my head – remember his LFC anthem Sheilagh ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’.
    God bless

  7. Dear Sheilagh, You are considered Township of King’s minister. You have ministered at the Remembrance Day event for years (unless your obligations to your congregation took precedence) and you were always the loving, calm, sweet voice on that special day. Now it’s our turn to pray for you and please know, you have our thoughts and best wishes as you go through this journey. Love, angela

  8. Ok so … you can feast on a beer still right!? You’re our forever Minister, you’re our family, you’re our peace and light of God here and in the community. See you soon! Jan, Bruce, Beatrix, and Hayden ❤️???

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